Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fire Truck Unit Activities

So my students have finally wrapped up their firetruck unit. It lasted pretty long. We worked on the unit for about four weeks. The boys were more excited then the girls, but everyone seemed to have a good time. The children learned about the different firefighter equipment, they created fire trucks out of boxes, they created fire stations and houses out of the block center and the list goes on. This unit was very exciting. Here are some pictures of some activities we did. To remain confidential no children were shown in the pictures.

The picture on the left is our water table. It's filled with foam "fire." The children went to the center and put out the fire by spraying the "fire" with the spray bottles. This was a great fine motor activity. The picture on the right are stencils. Some children used the stencils to write stories, others used them to fill in with bingo dotters, while other children used the stencils to draw.

The picture on the left is one of the lacing boards I created. The picture on the right is a firefighter prop box for the dramatic play center. The children really enjoyed this activity. We had firefighters putting out fires and saving babies. We had a firefighter "office" where one child was answering phones and writing things down. Very funny. The prop box is filled with helmets, outfits, boots, hose, axes, fire extinguishers and so on.

The picture on the left was an activity I used to help letter recognition. The younger children simply placed the firefighters on the letters. The older children were able to look at the letter and make their own on the side. Some of the children were even creating their full names out of the firefighters. The picture on the right are things I had in my block center. There were firetrucks, firefighters, and lincoln logs. Children created fire stations, houses, and even places to store their fire trucks.

The picture on the left are our fire truck routes. Children followed the lines with their firetrucks. The picture on the right is a math game I created. Children rolled the dice to see how many spots their dalmation needed.

All in all the activities were great. I wish I had my camera handy when the children were working at the block center; it was very interesting. Maybe during my next unit i'll make sure to keep my camera handy.

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Did I ever say your job was easy? LOL. Yeah, I take that back :o)